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My java applets were developed a long time ago and have not been digitally signed. Nowadays a browser will typically not allow a java applet to run unless it is signed. Getting the applets signed is somewhat expensive, and since I no longer do any java development it is unlikely that I will get the applets signed. It it still possible to run the applets, but in that case you will need to change the security policy of your browser to allow unsigned applets to run.

This is a model of signal propagation in the form of a two-dimensional cellular automaton. A cell can be inactive or in a number of activated states. Inactive cells will stay inactive unless enough of the neighbouring cells are in an activated state. Once activated a cell will progress through all of the active states one by one. When the last active state has been reached the cell will become inactive again in the next time step.

Try different combinations of the number of states and activation threshold. When the threshold is too low the system will flicker randomly, while when it is too high all activity will die out. For intermediate thresholds signals (e.g. spiral waves) will propagate over the lattice.
Lattice sizes
The applet is currently using a 450x450 lattice. Reload the applet with a :
map of typical configurations for different combinations of thresholds and number of states
Above is a map of typical configurations for different combinations of threshold levels and number of states. The number of states varies along the y-axis, while the threshold level varies along the x-axis.