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My java applets were developed a long time ago and have not been digitally signed. Nowadays a browser will typically not allow a java applet to run unless it is signed. Getting the applets signed is somewhat expensive, and since I no longer do any java development it is unlikely that I will get the applets signed. It it still possible to run the applets, but in that case you will need to change the security policy of your browser to allow unsigned applets to run.
Another old applet returns. This is the java version of artist Mikael Lundberg's 'Språkgeneratorn' (the language generator), which I did some of the programming for back in 2000.
This java port was originally written for Svenska Dagbladet. The applet measures correlations between sequences of characters in texts collected from various swedish webpages, and then a Markov process is used to generate new text according to the measured correlations. 'Språkgeneratorn' only uses very short correlations and and will therfore only occasionly produce proper words.

'Språkgeneratorn' has been exibited a number of times since it was made. The last exhibit I am aware of was at Norrköpings konstmuseum from 2008-09-20 to 2008-11-16.